Your heavenly bakery and Honolulu bistro 

What are you currently craving? Do you crave something sweet or something savory? How about an afternoon snack in the sunlight followed by a candlelit dinner with a view? Are you hungry for a hefty portion or small plates? Pizza or pasta? Sushi or salad? A bowl of soup or a delicious danish? At Bakery & Table, we have everything your heart and your taste buds desire. Our diverse menu and serene atmosphere offers something for everyone to enjoy, no matter what they crave. So pop in for a pastry or stay for dinner, at Bakery & Table we cater to you. 

Dining with a view

After you've had your fill of pre-dinner dessert delight, we invite you to our second floor restaurant for a dining experience you'll never forget. As our host leads you past the waterfall ambiance to your table on a spacious terrace, feel free to settle in while simultaneously getting lost in the Ko'olau mountains view. If the smell of our freshly baked Yudane Loaf bread, savory seafood or mystery dish entices you, our friendly and attentive staff are here to serve you. Reservations are recommended, though our full bar makes for a pleasant place to kill time while you wait.

Bakery bites

Stop by our bakery and give your sweet tooth a little loving. Located on the ground floor, our bright bakery displays a variety of sweet treats like our lemon cakes, mango sticks, chocolate chestnut danish, cacao cream cheese pastries, butter roll with sea salt, earl grey melon buns, rum raisin sticks, fruit cake, matcha cream pans and more. Have a seat and enjoy your baked goods with a warm espresso or iced latte and slip into a heavenly food coma – you'll never want to wake up!
Wheat bread loaf

Best bread in Honolulu

Our Yudane Loaf is made using the Water Rouse method! This Japanese method creates a complex bread that maintains both the flavor and moist, fluffy texture. Dine with us and try our deliciously baked bread today!
Call for a reservation now! (808) 592-5555
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